What previous participants have said..

 “Powerful, transformative.   Full of unexpected opportunities.  Enriching, challenging.”
“My overall experience of the workshop “spiritual – therapeutic – healing. Activated my inner sense of fun and the music activated my inner sense of creativity. Loved it and feel more integrated.”
“A new, very positive experience, beyond what I could have imagined. The trust created allowed me to overcome massive fear and to participate fully. I feel I have now found a key that allows me to begin a journey of inner exploration that was impossible for me before.”
“Working with The Fool’s Dance Gestalt Company is similar to going down the rabbit hole with Alice, encountering all the aspects of yourself at the tea party and in all the characters you meet, to emerge on the other side feeling lighter, wiser, and more aware of the person you can be.”
“The team worked exceptionally well and cohesively together. Venue quirky and perfect. Food beautiful. Through excellent facilitation, the workshop took me to places I’ve never been before. Thank you sincerely.”
“It has been a fantastic healing experience. … I felt safe, held, challenged, and met throughout the week – what more could I ask for ? – Oh yes, and Loved. Thank you.”
“Absolutely profound, amazing experience. I loved the music and dance aspect of the workshop. I discovered my ability to express myself and my inner self through dance, which was a completely new and amazing experience for me.”
“So safe, great work, very relevant to my life now. Very well run, great holding and good food – good venue.”
“The beautifully safe, structured and gentle process peeled the layers away. Such a warm and enlightening week. I cannot thank you all enough.”
“I am full of gratitude to have allowed myself the opportunity to partake in a truly heart-enriching experience of mind, body and soul (spirit). I feel rewarded beyond measure… Keep up your life-changing work of healing trapped e-motion.”