The Wheel of Life

A Seven-Day Residential Workshop

Have you ever had the feeling – especially when you find yourself lost in the repeating patterns of your life or stuck in a familiar fixed position – that you and the life that you are living have always been this way and always will be … that things will neverever – change?  And then, perhaps a dissatisfied, dreamy part of you begins to sigh, “Oh, if only I had a different father or a different mother (or both) …. if only I had a different gender …. if only I was of a different race …. if I only had a different social status …. if only I were anything but what I am now things might be so much better for me.”  Well, wonder no more – The Wheel of Life process offers you an opportunity to dramatize and explore all these fantasies – and many more besides.

The classical concept of reincarnation envisages the gradual evolution of the soul through many lives and over epochs of time.  The Wheel of Life process does not attempt to convince people of the truth or otherwise of this view.  Rather it utilises this possibility as a framework that offers participants a chance to explore new prospects, alternative points of view, under the guise of other lives.  Even in the course of this single lifetime, we are constantly reincarnating ourselves.  Moving through the different levels of our experience, crossing the thresholds from childhood ….. to adolescence ….. to young adulthood ….. to parenthood ….. to middle age ….. to old age, we all experience new levels of reincarnation, we all find ourselves beginning anew.

Painting by Mayur Deshpande

In the Wheel of Life workshop we will discover the many possibilities and personalities that exist within the single soul, those we dream about and long for and fall in love with as well as those that we simply wonder at and those that trouble us.

“What would it be like if I was …. ?”  In creating and exploring new identities and new points of view for themselves, participants in The Wheel of Life will be enabled to discover the connections between these “incarnations” and their everyday lives, to process the emotional material that may result from that discovery and to experiment – with fun and playfulness and laughter as well as with a deep seriousness – the many pathways opened up when we spin The Wheel of Life.  And – who knows? – in this process of play and contemplation we may also find new doors opening for us, new possibilities to explore in the lives that we are living now.

“This was a great journey for me.  I explored lots of things.  I got aware of new aspects of my life..”
“I would highly recommend the Fool’s Dance Gestalt Company Rebillot workshops to anyone who is on a personal journey, and who wishes to continue with their process.”

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