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Creative Experiential Workshops: Openings to Adventure

My purpose is to give people a chance to experience a rite of passage so that they can go into the changes in their lives with a sense of joy and greater context.  My hope is that through this process, people will awaken to their creative genius and enter into the drama of their lives with imagination and delight.Paul Rebillot

Perhaps you

are curious to get to know the deeper aspects of you

would like to explore your emotional world ...

Do you

sense that there should be more to life than you are living right now?

have a sense that you are moving through a transition in your life?

Maybe you

are burdened …   

are aware of issues that trouble you

Experience New Possibilities of Healing and Transformation

In safety

Come and explore your inner landscape.

In freedom

              allow the potential of music, movement, drawing, enactment – and more – to lead you. 

In trust

learn from the guiding hand of the mythic in deepening awareness.

  In compassion

animate inner figures – different aspects of you –and dialogue with them.

In companionship

experience the support of others – facilitators and participants- on your way.

Why not ?

Residential workshops

The Hero’s Journey

Discover the unique Hero that lives in the depths of your self and set out with her or him on a journey of personal exploration in which you will encounter unique Challenges and face a Supreme Ordeal before returning Home with a Reward.
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The Lover’s Journey

This is not – as you might think – a ‘couples’ workshop. Instead it is a journey to wholeness, to the depths of our selves, through which we will come to know, to own and to unite the masculine and feminine archetypes which – whatever our gender or sexual orientation – we all carry deep within.
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Owning the Shadow

Why do some people seem to have the power to provoke our irritation, anger and even hatred? Could the answer lie close to home in that part of us that Carl Jung called our ‘shadow’? Discover the connection between our inner material and the antipathy or idealisation we feel towards others.
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Death and Resurrection

Examine your life with the focus on its ending, discover what is – and is not – important and illuminate the true meaning of your existence. Living in the full – but not morbid – awareness of your death offers a more realistic and enriching perspective on life and on how we choose to live
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Dancing with the Gods

Is there a myth or legend that attracts you, that haunts you and powerfully draws you in? Use dramatization, movement, art, fantasy, ritual and Gestalt process to experience your chosen myth in depth, and discover how – and why – it connects so strongly with your deepest self.
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The Dream Tarot

Explore your dreams by creating a unique personalised Tarot deck from their images and learn a Gestalt process that helps you to read them. Stage your dreams as you would a play or dance them to completion and reveal their messages in relation to the most important questions of your life.
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Exorcising the Demon Should

Within each of us is a ‘Demon’, our personal critic, assuring us that we are never good enough. In this workshop you will create an image of yourself trying to be everything you think you ‘should’ be and contrast it with the experience of your spontaneous unrepressed self. Exploring the possibilities of moving between the two extremes opens up our options to the full range of our authentic being.
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The Wheel of Life

Do you feel lost or stuck in the repeating patterns of your life, that life has always been this way and will never, ever, change? You think ‘Oh, if only I were different things would be so much better.’ Wonder no more – the Wheel of Life workshop offers you an opportunity to dramatize those fantasies and to explore alternative versions of you under the guise of other lives, other incarnations.
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June 22, 2024 – June 28, 2024

Dancing with the Gods